Aadhaar for NRIs

Any person residing in India can apply for the Aadhaar card. Earlier NRI’s were not liable to have Aadhaar card, but now even NRI’s can apply for the Aadhaar card. The NRI’s have to provide certain documents during the enrolment process.

The NRI has to visit the enrolment centers in India to apply for the Aadhaar card. The documents to be submitted by the NRI’s include, the documents to establish him as an NRI, job identity card to prove the reason for their stay in foreign country. Along with the documents, submit the filled up Aadhaar application form.   The biometric information required include biometric scanning of 10 fingers, both iris scan and photo.

All the details are provided to the authorized person at the Aadhaar enrolment centers, who then enter these in the system database. The details are then checked and processed and once ready the Aadhaar card will be send by postal to your address.

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