Pazhassi Dam

pazhassi-damPazhassi dam is constructed across the Valapattanam River in Kannur district. It is named so as it lies near to the birth place of Pazhassi Raja. This dam was inaugurated by the late Prime Minister Morarji Desai. The reservoir is used for irrigation and is capable of satisfying the water needs of the whole of Kannur district.

This is an important tourist destination and people come here mainly for boating. The Tourism Promotion Council provides boats for boating. People can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place as well. Near to this lies a beautiful park and a garden. There are many beautiful sculptures in this park. It is the only dam in Kannur which has a garden near to it. There is also a Buddha’s mountain and the statue of the Raja nearby.

How To Reach

District Kannur
Near Bus Station Iritty bus station
Near Railway Station Thalassery railway station / Kannur railway station
Near Airport Karipur International Airport at a distance of 160 kms