Finance department

financialThe Finance Department of Kerala advises the Government on all financial matters. One of the main function of this department is the formulation of the Budget. The other functions include making rules regulating pay, emoluments and service conditions for all the employees. The administration if the departments of Local Fund Audit, Directorates of National Savings, State Lotteries, State Insurance and Treasuries are also controlled by this department. The head of this department is the Principal Secretary with two Secretaries taking care of the expenditure and Finance Resources.

Data processing Centre

It is the Computer Centre of Finance Department which is located in the Kerala University Office Campus in Thiruvananthapuram. The purpose of this centre is to perform all the data processing works of the finance department. They monitor the implementation of plan schemes. Some of the main functions of the centre are to provide technical advice to the government departments and other public sector undertaking, in order to improve their efficiency through e-governance, to train the government staffs about the different application software, to develop various software to use in the finance department, to coordinate the computerization projects of the government, prepare daily cash flow statements received from SBI and SBT braches and print pension schedules.

Department of State Lottery

This Department was established in 1967. The idea of forming such a department was made by late P.K.Kunju Sahab, who was the Finance Minister during that time. Initially this department was under the administration of the Finance Department and late it was brought under the Taxes department. This department was established in order to protect the poor people from being exploited by the illegal private lotteries. There was a huge increase in the number of private lotteries during that time. The introduction of the Kerala State Lotteries became a great source of non-tax revenue to the state.

Department of Insurance

The Kerala State Insurance Department comes under the administrative control of the Finance Department. Offices have been opened in all the districts and officers are appointed in each office.

Department of Local Fund Audit

The main function of this Department is the audit of accounts of various institutions under its audit control.  The corpus of the different Charitable Endowments has the Director of Local Fund Audit as the Treasurer is also done by this Department. They also attend any matter that is confined to the financial administration of local bodies. These are referred to this Department by the Government are they in turn provide the remarks.