Food and Drinks

food-and-drinksPeople stay in houseboats for a day or more. While travelling in houseboats, food and drink is provided to the guests according to their needs. There is a cook for preparing the food which the tourist desires. The guest has the freedom to cook the food themselves from the kitchen. Besides there are packed food, fruits etc also made available to the tourists. The water available for drinking purpose includes fresh water, bottled water, beverages and soft drinks as well.

In the houseboats which are run by resorts, the guests will be provided with timely food for breakfast, lunch and dinner either from the resort or while cruising in the houseboats.
The food provided may be of different types. It depends on the taste of the guest. The food that is normally in demand is the traditional style food of Kerala which includes fish preparation with prawns, shrimps and other varieties of fishes. The guests can also catch the fish themselves from the backwaters and have them cooked from there itself.

As Kerala is rich in coconut, the juice of tender coconut is given as a drink to the guests. The guests of the resorts can chose from the menu available.