monsoonMonsoon is a very good season which is welcomed by all with great happiness. The word monsoon itself brings a smile on everyone’s face. The factors that make monsoon the favorite season is the splashing waters, intoxicating smell of the wet earth etc. Monsoon comes as a boon after long months of hot climate. It is a change to the climate and temperature when the monsoon arrives after the summer months and also a relief from the dust and heat. In Kerala the monsoon rains do not rain continuously for weeks. They may rain for few hours and at times it may extend for 2 or 3 days. It is very beautiful to see the sun shining brightly soon after a rain.

The two main rainy seasons of Kerala are Southwest monsoon and the Northeast monsoon. The southwest monsoon also called as Edavappathi in Malayalam arrives in the month of June. It is called as Edavappathi as it arrives in the middle of the Malayalam month Edavam. The Northeast monsoon also called as Thulavarsham arrives in the month of October. It is called so as it comes in the Malayalam month Thulam.

Monsoon is not a season to stay indoors or at homes. Monsoon brings everything fresh and it is advisable to try out the Ayurveda vacation during this season. It is the only way to rejuvenate your mind and body. As it is a season for rejuvenation, it is good for one to perform Ayurvedic therapies at this time of the year. Treatment for various diseases can be done in Monsoon.

When the monsoon begins, there is always a decline in the number of tourists visiting our state. Kerala tourism has introduced various new monsoon campaigns for promoting tourism. Special measure has been taken to attract the tourist during this time. Some of the programmes planned for promoting tourism include monsoon food festival, music festivals, theatre festivals etc.