Tourist Attractions

Kerala which is popularly called as the ‘God’s own country’ is one of the most important tourist destinations in India. There are several tourist attractions in Kerala that tends to increase the flow of tourists to this state. Tourists from all over the world come to Kerala to spend their holidays. Kerala is famous for its greenery and can be considered as a tourist’s paradise. Some of the main tourist attractions of Kerala are houseboats, monuments, pilgrim centers, amusement parks, dances, ecotourism, tree house, etc.

The moderate climate, calm beaches, beautiful backwaters, serene waterfalls, cool hill stations and striking wildlife, all makes it a destination of a lifetime. Together we have the cultural marvels such as colorful festivals, spicy and unique cuisines, ayurveda treatments and various art forms.

The tourist attractions of Kerala are given below

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are one of the places which people like to spend their vacation. These amusement parks can attract people of all age groups. These theme parks offer various rides which are categorized as dry rides and water rides. Water rides are those which are more entertaining and liked by all. All the amusement parks in Kerala are sure to entertain the people to the maximum. In Kerala we have 7 amusement parks namely Dream World Park, Fantasy Park, Happy Land, Sadhoo Merry Kingdom, Silver Storm, Veega Land and Vismaya Water Theme Park.

Art and Culture

The main features of the arts of Kerala are the spectacular visual effects and mind blowing music. The various art forms of Kerala can bring a pride to our state. There is no other state in India which can boast of about such magnificent and creative art forms. The arts have kept alive the cultural and heritage of Kerala.tourist-attractions2


Kerala is famous for the Ayurvedic treatments. There are numerous Ayurveda hospitals and treatment centers in Kerala. Ayurveda is the oldest science of medicine and believes in harmony in health. Health is the well being of both physical and mental state of a person. In Ayurveda the aspects of mental, physical and social well being of a person are taken into consideration. Many tourists mainly from foreign countries come to Kerala to get Ayurvedic treatment and Panchkarma therapies to rejuvenate their body.


One of the main tourist attractions of India is the Kerala backwaters. The backwaters extend to about 1500 kms. They are a chain of canals and lagoons which are natural and manmade. The Kerala coastal area extends to about 900 kms and the water bodies flow into the Arabian Sea. There are about 41 rivers in Kerala that are west flowing. Almost all the districts in Kerala can boast off a presence of the backwater. Backwater is a favorite destination of all the tourists. The tourists mainly visit these backwaters to enjoy the scenic attractions of the backwaters and also to spend some time in the houseboats.


The beaches in Kerala extend to approximately 600 kms and are parallel to the Arabian coastline. Kerala has some of the best beaches which are very peaceful. The beaches of Kerala are very clean and beautiful. Beaches of Kerala are an ideal place for the tourists to spend their holidays by engaging in various beach activities, relaxing in the sand etc. It will be definitely a journey which one can cherish in their lifetime.


Kerala is rich in many dance forms which are highly developed. The music and costumes used in these dance forms reflect the mood of the people. They are also connected to religion and this can be seen in most of the folk dances such as those performed in connection with the harvest festival etc. The dance forms are performed by men and women together in one dance or as separate dances. There are around 50 popular folk dances in Kerala.


Ecotourism refers to the green or conservation or sustainable. It is a new concept in tourism. There is a relation between the living beings and the environment, thereby linking tourism development and environment. Today ecotourism is gaining wide popularity because of the demand by the travelers who search for perfect holiday spots. Kerala is a favorite tourist destination as they focus on developing the tourism in an eco friendly manner.


The festivals of Kerala are very colorful and are very diverse. It shows the spirit of the celebrations and is an important part of our state. The festivals give glory to the culture and tradition of Kerala. There are festivals in each season which is celebrated as a reward of nature. The festivals are enjoyed by all the Keralites and are filled with fun and excitement.


Forts are one of the cultural and architectural creations in our state. It attracts a large number of tourists. There are many forts in Kerala which are examples of pure colonial powers in our state and it also demonstrates the influence of foreign culture in the architecture. The historical cultural heritage of Kerala can be understood by looking at these forts.

Hill Stations

The hill stations of Kerala provide picturesque scenery. There are many hill resorts near the hills and all these hill stations provide a great experience to all who visit this place. Many tourists visit these hill stations yearly. Hills are chosen as tourist destination by those who want to move away from the crowd and city noises and wish to relax for some time. They can also go for trekking.


In Kerala there are many backwaters and one can find many houseboats in these beautiful backwaters. The houseboat is one of the main tourist attractions of Kerala. The houseboats take the tourists for a journey through the lagoons, lakes and the rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea.  People have a leisure time travelling in the houseboats and they can enjoy the beauty of Kerala and the coconut trees that border these rivers. These houseboats have all the luxurious facilities.tourist-attractions


The monuments of Kerala are the temples, palaces, churches, forts, mosques, bungalows etc. All these buildings are samples that prove the historical and cultural heritage of our state. They have helped in building the bygone era. The people here have preserved their past by building certain buildings that adds beauty to the greenery of Kerala. These buildings or the monuments as we call them today exhibit wide variety of architectural patternsThe monuments of Kerala are a must visit destination as it is not only liked by the history enthusiasts but also definitely a paradise for the photographers.


Monsoon is a very good season which is welcomed by all with great happiness. The two main rainy seasons of Kerala are Southwest monsoon and the Northeast monsoon. Monsoon is not a season to stay indoors or at homes. Monsoon brings everything fresh and it is advisable to try out the Ayurveda vacation during this season. When the monsoon begins, there is always a decline in the number of tourists visiting our state. Kerala tourism has introduced various new monsoon campaigns for promoting tourism. Special measure has been taken to attract the tourist during this time.


There are a large number of museums in Kerala which are worth visiting. The culture, tradition and legacy of Kerala are preserved here in a well manner. On your visit to the museums one can understand the glorious past of our state. The museums have a large collection of various artifacts that dates back to the ancient period. Several articles that are related to science and technology are also exhibited in certain museums.

Pilgrim Centers

Kerala which emphasizes on religious tolerance and communal harmony have several pilgrim destinations. Kerala is popularly called as God’s own country. The faith of people in different religions has helped a lot in cultural synthesis in Kerala. Pilgrim centers for Hindu, Christian and Islam is present in Kerala which shows the secular co-existence in this state together with religious harmony. Devotees from all over the world come to these pilgrim centers. There are numerous Hindu temples, Mosques and Masjids for the Muslim devotees and Churches for Christian devotees.

Tree House

Tree house which is called as ‘Erumadam’ in Malayalam is a house built on top of a tree. A tree house is built over two huge trees about 80 feet from the ground. It is a great experience to stay in a tree house that could be cherished forever. The tree houses have all the modern facilities and staying in a tree house is very much different from the usual stay within concrete walls. This can make a person really close to the nature by enjoying the scenery. In Kerala there are many tree houses constructed in tropical forests giving the guests an opportunity to enjoy the richness of flora and fauna.


In Kerala, there are many waterfalls which are either small or big. Those who wish to stay away from the crowd for relief can prefer to take a tour to the waterfalls in Kerala. It gives them relief and can feel and enjoy the beauty of nature. Waterfalls are definitely a must see destination for the nature lovers. Some of the major waterfalls of Kerala are Athirapally and vazhachal waterfalls, Palaruvi, Aruvikkuzhi, Chethalayam, Meenmutty waterfalls, Meenvallam, Perumthenaruvi, Soochippara, Thommankuthu, Thusharagiri waterfall etc.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

In Kerala there are a large number of wildlife parks and sanctuaries. Kerala is considered to be a green paradise on earth. The dense green forests with a wide variety of animals such as elephants, tigers, deers, leopards etc and water birds provide a great opportunity to the tourists to sight these different creatures.tourist-attractions3


Zoo is one of the places which attract the tourists. Not only tourists but also the local people like to spend their holiday by visiting the zoo. It is liked by the people of all ages. There are two main zoos in Kerala one at Thiruvananthapuram and another at Thrissur. Both these zoo have museums, botanical and zoological garden in the zoo premises.