ecotourism-main-pageEcotourism refers to the green or conservation or sustainable. It is a new concept in tourism. There is a relation between the living beings and the environment, thereby linking tourism development and environment. Tourism helps in developing the environment. Ecotourism can be considered as a travel to the natural areas of the state in order to learn well the cultural and the history of the environment. Measures have also been taken to ensure that the integrity of the ecosystem is not altered. Kerala Tourism has taken various steps for making the tourism industry purely environment friendly.

Ecotourism can be defined as a nature oriented travel that helps to promote protection and conservation of resources. Some of the objectives of Ecotourism include converting the tourism industry in our state to an eco friendly mode, strengthening the development of ecotourism initiatives, to make the local involve in the tourism activities thereby providing them with employment and also to make the people aware of the tourism development in Kerala. The government has also constituted a Committee of Ecotourism. There are some eco-tourism programmes initiated.

Today ecotourism is gaining wide popularity because of the demand by the travelers who search for perfect holiday spots. Kerala is a favorite tourist destination as they focus on developing the tourism in an eco friendly manner. The attractive places and the biodiversity which is provided by the state make it a unique ecotourism hotspot. But the world is not aware of this.  In order to make all aware of the ecotourism possibilities in Kerala, several products have been introduced by the locals. All these help to make the trip to Kerala a memorable one.

Ecotourism can be summarized as a tourism programme which is nature based and ecologically sustainable. Here education and interpretation plays a main role and the local community is also benefitted from this. An ecotourism project must satisfy all these, if not it can’t be regarded as a real ecotourism venture.