Immigration Check Requirements on Reaching India

immigrationAny passenger on arriving India has to undergo Immigration check. The person has to produce the Disembarkation Card (Arrival Card) in which the person’s name and nationality, age, sex, place of birth and address or address in India, the aim of visit and the duration of stay in India have to be mentioned.

During the Immigration check the Passport, Visa and Disembarkation Card have to be checked. The passenger’s details are entered in computer; the Arrival Card is retained after which the passport is stamped.

The nationals of Pakistan except those with Diplomatic Visa must carry copies of Visa application form that is issued with the regular visa on the passports from the Indian Missions. They have to provide this at the Immigration counter after which they are issued Regular Residential Permit. They are supposed to report at the concerned Police Station within 24 hours time if asked so. Those exempted from Police reporting need not do so.

The nationals from Afghanistan Nationals gets their Temporary Residential Permit issued from the Immigration Check post itself but they have to get it registered within 7 days.

Before leaving the immigration counter make sure that the passports are duly stamped

Those foreigners who possess a passport along with a valid Person of Indian Origin Card or Overseas Citizen of India Card can visit India without the need of a Visa.