Basic information

Head quarters

2203 sq km

Hindu, Muslim, Christian


Population Density
885 persons/sq km


Came into existence
July 1, 1949

Kottayam, Changanassery, Vaikom, Meenachil and Kanjirappally

Revenue Division
Kottayam and Pala

Tourist attractions
Kumarakom, House Boats, Vembanad Kayal etc

3 m above sea level

Telephone code

kottayam Kottayam which is popularly called as ‘The land of letters, legends, latex and lakes’ is a district in Kerala. The name Kottayam is derived from 2 words ‘Kotta’ and ‘Akam’ which together mean ‘the inside of a fort’. It is bordered by the Western Ghats and the Vembanad Lake. There are many unique characteristics for this place which includes long backwaters, highlands, hills and mountains, rubber plantations etc. The paddy fields here are very famous. Kottayam district is surrounded by Idukki district in the East, Pathanamthitta district in the South, Alappuzha district in the West and Ernakulam district in the North. Kottayam is said to be the first district in India to be tobacco free.

Kottayam has significance in history because it was here that the famous ‘Vaikom Satyagraha’ was held which was a struggle for eradicating untouchability. The climate in Kottayam is same as that in the rest of Kerala. In 2001, Kottayam received the red rainfall in which the color of the rain was yellow, red, green and black. Kottayam is a landlocked district but there are numerous lakes, rivers and backwaters. These are attracted by the tourists and some of the famous tourist destinations include Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom etc.

The main religions found here are Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. There are many pilgrim centers for the people of each community. Some of the famous pilgrim centers include Thirunakkara Siva Temple, Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple, Pallipurathukavu Devi Temple, Thekkumtala Devi Temple, Cheriya Palli, St. George Church, Puthupally, Vakathanam Pally, Thazhathangady mosque etc.

Kottayam is a main center of education and Kottayam is the first district in India to attain the highest literacy rate. It was here that the first college in Kerala was established. There are many educational institutions which includes schools, colleges, Engineering colleges, Medical colleges etc. There is also a university in Kottayam called the Mahatma Gandhi University. Kottayam is well connected to other places by roadways and railways.It is in Kottayam that the first Printing press in Kerala was set up.

Agriculture is carried out on a large scale and the major food crop produced here is rice. Rubber plantations are seen in plenty in Kottayam and are the main source of income of the farmers. Some of the other crops grown here include tapioca, coconut, pepper etc. There is a Rubber board and Rubber research institute in Kottayam for the enhancement of rubber cultivation.

How to get there

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456