How to Apply Visa

The Visa to India is applied from the High Commission of India in the country of the person who wishes to travel to India. The applicant can either go in person or apply through post.

Documents required for applying the Visa

apply-visaThe documents that are usually required for the visa application are given below. But these requirements may vary in each country.

  • Original passport of the applicant with validity of minimum 6 months
  • Charge for applying the visa
  • Two passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Necessary supporting documents based on the type of visa required
  • An application form completely filled
  • Visa requirement for NRI’s and PIO’s

Non Resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin do not require a visa to enter India if they possess a OCI (Overseas Indian Citizenship) or a PIO card. This card gives them the freedom to visit India at any time throughout their life. Those NRI’s and PIO’s who do not have this OCI or PIO card can apply for a Visa through the normal procedure mentioned above.

Visa Extension

The foreigners staying in India get their Visa converted or extended by the Foreigner’s Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The conversion of Visa type from one to another is not allowed in normal cases. But it can be done by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in certain circumstances. The applicant has to visit the MHA office in New Delhi in person. If the applicant is residing out of Delhi, they can contact the FRROs/FROs cum Superintendent of Police who then forwards it to the MHA. In certain cases the FRROs/ District Superintendent of Police themselves have the rights to do the conversion for some Visa types.