Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are one of the places which people like to spend their vacation. These amusement parks can attract people of all age groups. These theme parks offer various rides which are categorized as dry rides and water rides. Water rides are those which are more entertaining and liked by all. All the amusement parks in Kerala are sure to entertain the people to the maximum. These parks are set up in vast area and all facilities are available.

amusementAlmost all amusement parks are now popularly called as Water theme parks as they have facilities for swimming pools, wave pools and various water rides. People prefer to choose water rides than the dry rides. The facilities in these amusement parks include high standard restaurants, prayer hall, conference hall, dressing rooms, locker facility, food courts, telephone booths, first aids, vast vehicle parking area etc. The amusement parks also make it a point to check the purity of the water here and several measures are taken to purify them regularly.

People can enter these theme parks by paying an Entry fee. It depends upon the age group as well as the season. There are discounts given if the tourists visit here in groups. Special discounts are also available for school and college students. Nowadays most of the students prefer to spend their one day tours and excursions in such Amusement parks. Advance booking of tickets directly as well as through online is also available.

In Kerala we have 7 amusement parks namely Dream World Park, Fantasy Park, Happy Land, Sadhoo Merry Kingdom, Silver Storm, Veega Land and Vismaya Water Theme Park.

Dream World Park

Dream World Park is a water theme park in Thrissur district. There are many water amusement rides in this park. The equipments such as boats, floats etc are available as single, double, triple or five seated that suits the requirements of the people. All the rides are unique and are safe also.

Fantasy Park

Fantasy Park is the first amusement park in Kerala and is located in Palakkad district. It lies in a total area of 15 acres and is an ideal picnic spot for families. There are water rides as well as dry rides available here.

Happy Land

Happy Land water theme park is located in Vembayam in Thiruvananthapuram district. The thrilling rides here make the visit to this park a worth. It is an eco friendly theme park that settles among trees, rocks, hills and waterfalls.

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom is a water theme park located in Chala in Kannur district. There are 25 rides in this park which includes both water and dry rides. Some of the facilities provided here are restaurants, shops, video games etc.

Silver Storm

Silver Storm water theme park is located in Vettilapara in Thrissur district. The rides here are a combination of natural wonder and manmade marvels. There is a Children’s village here where pet animals, birds etc are there wandering freely.

Veega Land

Veega land is India’s first water theme park. It is located in Pallikkara in Ernakulam district and covers an area of 30 acres. The rides that are popular here is the water rides and the quality of the water here is very good.


Vismaya Water Theme Park is located in Parassinikadavu in Kannur district. The facilities provided here are prayer hall, restaurants, conference hall, shops, dormitory etc.