For Foreigners

Important information for foreigners

The foreign nationals visiting India are required to have a valid passport or an internationally recognized document for proof of nationality and identity. In case of nationals from Bhutan or Nepal, passport is not a must but they have to possess an identity proof which is authorized. This is valid only if they visit India from Bhutan or Nepal and if they visit India from any other country, then passport is required.

Visa Requirement

The foreign nationals are required to possess a visa while they travel to India and there is no ‘Visa on arrival’ provision available in India. The type of visa and the validity will be mentioned in the visa. Any doubt regarding the endorsement details of Visa can be clarified from the Indian Missions abroad. Bhutan and Nepal nationals do not require a visa but if the Nepal national arrive India from China, then Visa is a must. The nationals from Maldives also do not require a visa if they are coming for tourism purposes and can stay for as long as 90 days.

Temporary Landing Permit

The Immigration Officer has the right to issue a Temporary Landing Permit (TLP) for a time period of 72 hours by retentions of the passport to any foreign national. A TLP is granted if foreigner does not have a valid visa, and the officer is satisfied of the person’s purpose of visit and also the transiting foreigner has an onward journey ticket within 72 hours.

The nationals from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Ethiopia are not provided with TLP facility.

If a foreigner needs to visit India without a Visa, in case of emergency situations such as death of a family member etc, then TLF are granted to them provided that the person has to produce a bonafide proof to the FRRO/FRO cum District Superintendent of Police. The TLF is granted for a period of 15 days and if they wish to extend it, they are required to contact

Ministry of Home Affairs
Foreigners Division
Jaisalmer House, 26, Man Singh Road
New Delhi.

There are situations in which a foreigner is denied an entry to India. It includes those foreigners who does not possess a valid passport or visa, those suffering from an infectious disease, those who are involved in some offence etc.

General Instructions

At the time of arrival as well as departure, Immigration check is conducted for all the passengers. When the immigration checks are done, the passport will be stamped and the passengers have to make sure that their passports are stamped.

The foreigners on arrival to India have to fill the D card (Disembarkation) and on departure have to fill the E card (Embarkation).

The information which the passenger have to provide in these forms include the following

  • Name and Sex
  • Date of Birth, Nationality
  • Passport Details viz. Number, Dates of Issue
  • Address in India
  • Occupation
  • Flight Number, Date of Arrival / Date of boarding & port of final destination
  • Countries visited during last six days for arriving Indians
  • Purpose to Visit abroad