Dream World Water Park

There are many water amusement rides in this park. The equipments such as boats, floats etc are available as single, double, triple or five seated that suits the requirements of the people. All the rides are unique and are safe also. There are separate filtration plants for each and every pool, so it can also guarantee purity in water.

dream-world-parkSome of the major rides here include an 8 feet deep Water Pool, a raft ride which is called as Stormy River, Rain Dance etc. The Stormy river ride starts from a height of 30 feet and travels through several zigzag routes and finally splashes into a pool. In Rain Dance, the people can dance in the rain which is produced from the showers fitted on the walls. There are also snow showers and to add more thrill to the dance rotating colorful lights and music are also played. This facility of dancing in the rain together with snow effect was first introduced in Kerala by this park.

A pool which is especially for the ladies and children is called as Mermaid Pool. They can spend a whole day playing in the pool. This pool is partitioned into 3 groups based on the age group. For kids below the age of 3, the pool is of depth 1.5 feet, for children up to the age of 12, the pool is 3 feet depth and for ladies it is of depth 4 feet.

Besides the various rides, the park also provides other facilities. It includes a multi game complex, video games, prayer hall, cloak room, dress changing rooms, telephone booth, etc. Rest rooms are built at various places in the park. There are also restaurant services, ice cream parlors, clinic etc. Vehicles can be parked in the parking area which covers a wide area. For students and staffs free accommodation along with dinner is provided here.

There are a total of 42 rides out of which 24 rides are water rides.

The water rides found here are Stormy River, Dream Shower, Space Bowl, Crazy Cruize, Mat Racer, Wave Pool, Rain Dance, Amazone River, Dream Splash, Lazy River, Mermaid Pool, Infant Pool, Aqua Shuttle and Boomerang. The rides that come under the category Dry Amusement rides include Striking Car, Sky Train, Flying Columbus, Kids Multi games, Caterpillar, Dragon Train, Revolving Barrel, Dynamo Hockey, Computer games, Crescent Coaster, Family Swing and Twister.

Ticket Rates
Category Rates
Adult : 330.00
Child (Up to 4.5 feet) : 230.00
Senior Citizen (Above 65 yrs) : 180.00
Educational Institutions Discounted Rates
Students (LKG & UKG) : 130.00
Students (1st – 4th) : 150.00
Students (5th – 10th) : 180.00
Students (Plus 1 & 2) : 210.00
Colleges and Computer Students : 240.00

Group Discount

With a group of 15 students, a staff member can enter free of cost. The students should come in groups of 15 and they also carry a letter from the head master of the institution and also their identity card.
10% is discounted for a group of 25 and above

Entry Time : 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
Address : Athirappilly Road, Chalakudy, Thrissur, Kerala
Telephone/Fax : 0480-2746935, 2746955, 2747665
Mobile : 94470 66866
E-Mail : [email protected]
Wesite : www.dreamworldwaterpark.com
How to Reach
District : Thrissur
Nearest Bus Station : Chalakudi bus station
Nearest Railway Station : Chalakudi railway station / Thrissur railway station
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport at a distance of 40 kms