Tour Tips

tour-tipsAs there are many tourist sites in Kerala, the arrival of tourists to Kerala is also increasing. The tourists should ensure that their trip is safe and secure throughout the journey. A tour to Kerala is sure to provide the tourists with a unique experience.

Kerala has a moderate climate and tourists visit here throughout the year. The best time to visit Kerala is during the months August to October as it is the time between rainy seasons. The climate will be good during this time. The peak tourist season is between the months October and March.

Make sure to carry items such as camera, binoculars, sun glasses, medical kit, emergency lights and Kerala travel guide books while on your journey.

The currencies used in Kerala are Rs 1, Rs 2, Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500, Rs 1000. The coins used are 10 ps, 25 ps and 50 ps. ATM counters are available at several places.

While planning a trip to Kerala, get the service of a good tour operator. Have an idea of the various tourist packages provided by them and choose the appropriate one.

When using the service of a tour guide, fix an amount to be given to them beforehand. Do not pay the full amount as advance. Be cautious with the guide and if found something fishy, do not go to the place where they plan to take you. Make sure to keep your valuable with you itself rather than giving to the guide.

Showing affection in public such as hugging or kissing at public places is not a good practice in Kerala and is not accepted.

Travel Precautions

Be careful while travelling in public transport as there are chances of foreigners getting into trouble.
Always keep your valuable safely and be careful while traveling in crowd.
Carry all the documents and Visas and keep it safely.
While travelling in public transport, keep the tickets with you till the end of journey as it may be useful in case of ticket checking.
Memorize the emergency numbers such as the Police Helpline numbers, Ambulance and Fire station numbers.


On a trip to hill stations wear warm cloths and sweaters and wear cotton cloths while going to beach.
Nudity is not allowed in beaches of Kerala.
Wear descent dresses and try not to wear revealing clothes. Doing otherwise may invite unwanted attention and any troubles.

Temple Visits

While visiting temple, first understand the codes and customs practiced in temples. In most of the temples non Hindus are not permitted to enter. In some temples there are dress codes while entering the temple. Men have to wear mundu and are not allowed to wear shirt and pants while women have to wear saree, long skirt and blouse or half saree. So first make sure of the customs before planning to visit a temple.

Photography Tips

Before taking the photographs of a building, seek the permission of the concerned authority as photography may not be allowed in certain places.

Hill station photography

Photographers make sure to bring a rain cover for the camera as the climate in hill stations in Kerala is very cold and the chance of mist and rainfall is high. After using the camera, clean the camera lenses properly to remove any vapor or raindrops. Dry it either using a dryer or giving a sun bath.

Forest photography

Wear dresses that matches with the color of the forest. It is better to wear dark green or brown colored dress. Do not move fast or run while in front of animals like elephants. When an animal run behind you, make sure to run away in zig zag path rather than running in a straight line. The light inside the forest will be less so always set the camera in Exposure Priority Mode and Shutter Priority Mode in order to get a clear and good picture.