Police Helpline

police-helplineA large section of people living anywhere face dangers and violence from strangers or even from persons known to them. Any kinds of abuses takes place from home, office, public places etc. The abuse may be either physical or psychological. Most of them do not have the courage to seek criminal justice against this.

To provide security and ensure safety of the people several measures are proposed by the government. Helplines have been set up by the Police authorities who provide assistance to the needed at a phone call. This helpline functions 24 X 7 and special numbers have been allotted as the helpline numbers. On receiving the call, the complaint will be registered and necessary actions will be taken.

There are separate helpline numbers for the women community also to report the problems. Besides these there are also helplines for problems occurring at railway stations, highways etc. This section provides the various helpline numbers and contact details of the Police personals.