Religious Places Idukki

In Idukki there are many temples, churches and mosques. People from all religions live here in communal harmony. The important pilgrim centers of Idukki are Mangaladevi temple, Annamalai Temple, Kurisumala Monastery, St. Jude Church at Kanakakunnu, Nainar Masjid at Karikodu etc. Some of the main pilgrim centers in Idukki are given below

Temples in Idukki

Mangaladevi Temple

This temple is located near Kumily and is an ancient temple. This temple is considered to be around 2000 years old. The deity here is Kannaki. The temple is constructed in Pandian style stands and is located amidst the dense forest on top of a peak and lies around 1337 meters above the sea level. The visits are not allowed to visit the temple throughout the year are permitted only during the Chithra Pournami festival which is celebrated during the months April and May.

Annamalai Temple

Annamali temple which is located in Karikodu is around 1800-year old. This temple is built in the traditional Chola style architecture and is made of stone. The deity here is Lord Shiva. The idols are also made of stone and metal. One of the architecture attractions of this temple is the 9 lattices that represent the 9 planets. There is also another window with 5 lattices representing the 5 elements. This temple is now under the supervision of the Archaeological department and some of the main relics of this temple are kept in the Thrissur and Calicut museums.

Uravappara Temple

Uravappara temple is located in Olamattom which is dedicated to Subramanya Swami. This temple is also called as Malayali Palani. The legend says that it was at this place that the Pandavas stayed here during their exile. The 3 huge boulders here are believed to be the three legs of the stove of their kitchen. Bhima has created a pond here which is present here even now and is known as Uravappara.

Sri Krishnaswamy Temple

Sri Krishnaswamy Temple is located in Thodupuzha and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The sub deities are Ganapathy, Devi, Ayyappa and Nagaraja. It was constructed by the ruler of Keezhmalainad who ruled Karikodu. In this temple the Usha Pooja is done first followed by Abhishekam. The annual festival conducted here is the Chothiyoothu Utsavam which lasts for 10 days and is held in the Malayalam month Meenam. A main ceremony held on the 9th day is called Utsav Bali. The largest Kalyanamandapam in central Kerala is in this temple and is named as Krishna Theertham.

Shree Annapoorneswari Navagraha Badrakali Temple

This temple is located in Thodupuzha and is dedicated to Goddess Annapoorneshwari and Badrakali. The sub deities are Ganapathy, Navagrahangal, Ayyappa and Nagaraja.

Karikodu Bhagavathy

Karikodu Bhagavathy temple is located in the opposite of Annamalai Temple and is around 460 years old. The main festival held here is the Kumbha Bharani and is attracted by a large number of devotees.

Some other main temples in Idukki are

Kolani Amaramkavu Sree Devi temple, Kolani Sree Krishna Swamy temple, Kanjiramattom Shree Mahadevar Temple, Kottatt Mahavishnu Sree Mahadevar Temple, Moozhikkad Sree Bahavathy Temple, Vandiperiyar Shree Darmasastha Temple, Vandiperiyar Manjumala Gowriamman Kovil, Manakkad Shree Narasimhaswami Temple, Manakkad Kunnath Sree Bhagvathy Temple, Thodupuzha Muthaliyarmadom Sree Mahadeva Temple, Kalloor Shree Mahadeva Temple, Kanjirakattu Shree Mahadevar Temple, Alpara Shree Mahadevar Temple etc.

Churches in Idukki

Kurisumala Monastery

Kurisumala monstery or Kurisumala Ashram is a monastery in Syro- Malankara Catholic church. It is located in Vagamon in Idukki district and was established in the year 1958. Kurisumala has been derived from two Malayalam words ‘Kurisu’ and ‘Mala’. The word meaning of ‘Kurisu’ is Cross and ‘Mala’ is mountain. This indicate the community of monks who lead a monastic life on the mount of Cross in the hill ranges. It lies at a height of around 4000 feet above sea level.

St. Jude Church at Kanakakunnu

The top of Kanakakunnu is an interesting view point. There is a cross kept here and the locals in this area trek to the top of the hill for celebrating the annual ritual called Kurisumala Kayattam.

Kalvary Mount or Kalliyanathandu

Kalvary mount is an important Christian pilgrimage located in Idukki. It lies on the way to Kattappana. The panoramic view of the surroundings from this mount is breathtaking.

St Thomas Church

This church is located at Mylancombu near Thodupuzha. It is the oldest church in Idukki and is said to be constructed in the year AD 600. This church is popularly called as the Parent Church of the East. Some o the main attractions of this church are the Altar decorations, carvings, ancient baptistery etc. There is a bronze bell in the Church which has Calligraphic inscriptions on it.

Munnar CSI Christ Church

The CSI Christ Church in Munnar was built by the British in the year 1910. This church which is built of stone and having beautiful stained glass windows was worshipped by both the British and the Indians. Some of the British who were staying nearby to this place were buried here. While the British left India, they handed over this church to the CSI North Kerala Diocese in the year 1981. At present it is the head quarters of CSI Munnar Pastorate.

St.Antonys shrine

St.Antonys shrine of Santhigram parish is situated at Nalumukku. It is a major pilgrim centre and is visited by thousands of devotees annually. Services honoring St Antony are conducted here on Tuesdays and honoring Infant Jesus is held on First Fridays. Devotional prayers are also offered here.

Some of the main churches in Idukki are

St. Joseph Church at Kallarkutty, Blessed Virgin Mary Assumption Church at Panniyarkutty, St. Joseph Church at Kuthupara, St. Antony Church at Ellakal, Blessed Virgin Mary Assumption Church at Chelliampara, St. George Church at Vellathooval, St. Mary Church at Perinchamkutty, St. Sebastian Church at Mukkudam, St. Thomas Church at Mankuva, St. Mary Church at Manjapetty, Christ the King Church at Manjapara, St. Antony Church at Thookupalam, St. Joseph Church at Santhigram, St. Sebastian Church at Nedumkandam etc.

Mosques in Idukki

Nainar Masjid at Karikodu

This is the largest and the oldest mosque in Idukki. Some of the main attractions here are stone steps with various inscriptions, water tank made out of a single rock, old pillars etc. The mosque was reconstructed in the year 1979. This mosque is dedicated to Vavar who was a friend of Lord Ayyappa. So people irrespective of caste and religion visit this mosque.