postal1The Indian post was put under the control of the Director General of Post Office in India in the year 1854. The first postal stamp was also released India wide. The growth of the postal can be seen along with the growth of our country. In India, the second largest establishment is the Postal service. Indian Postal system is the most widely distributed postal system in the world. The influence of IT can be seen in the India post. The Post offices have become computerized in most of the places.

In India there are 22 Postal circles each headed by a chief Post Master General. The Kerala Postal Circle provides various products and services. The main objective of the Postal service is to provide high quality mail, parcel and all related services in India as well as the whole world. They aim to become an efficient organization by satisfying the expectation of the customers. They perform any service with total dedication by understanding the needs of the customers and they provide a promising career to all its employees. They provide any service which gives value to the customer’s money.