Premium Services

postal-premiumSpeed post

Speed Post was started in 1986 for providing time-bound and speedy delivery of letters, documents and parcels across any part of the world. The market leader in the express industry for the past 20 years has been the speed post service. Now this service is provided making a value for the customers money where the minimum fee for speed post up to 50 grams is Rs 12.

Express Parcel Post (EPP)

This service is good for sending parcels anywhere in India at a very fast speed. It is convenient to the customers as the service is provided at your doorstep and the cost is also bearable. If the parcel has been lost then the money will be repaid back. They also provide total distribution solution to the customers thereby helping the businesses. It helps the businesses to provide the parcels on time and thus value to their money. Retail customers are also being provided with express parcel services at retail price rates. The express parcels are booked from speed post booking offices. These parcel consignments span over a huge network.

Media Post

This is a method for all the corporate and other government organizations to reach their customers. The media post is cost effective, creative and personalized. This is helpful for the marketing people to communicate to their customers at a very low cost.

Greeting Post

This includes a beautiful greeting card that has pre-paid postage envelopes.  There is no need to fix extra stamps as there are stamps already affixed on it which is an exact copy of the greeting itself. Cards for all occasions are available. These can be purchased from the major post offices as well as greeting card shops.

E- post

E-post was introduced in 2004 as the use of Internet and e-mail has revolutionized the communication world. With this facility the customer can send any messages to a person anywhere in India which involves the usage of both electronic transmission and physical delivery. The messages are sent as a soft copy through the Internet. The receiver gets it in the form of the hard copy of the same. There is also the e-post corporate service for the corporate customers. The corporate have the freedom to create their own designs and they can send it to multiple addresses.

E-bill post

Through this facility the customers can make any bill payments from post offices. The post offices provide this for the service providers such as BSNL, Bharti etc. The customers pay the required money along with the bill in a post office where they issue a receipt. They then further process the transaction for accounting and payment. The accounts are then later paid to the Biller.