nelliyampathyNelliyampathy is a hill station which is situated in Palakkad district. These chain of ridges and valleys have height that ranges from 467 m to 1572 m. Some of the main peaks of these mountain ranges include Vellachimudi, Mayanmudi, Valiyavana and Vela Vanchan. This is an ideal place for trekking. It is fully covered with green forests and also has spices and coffee plantations. The highest peak in Nelliyampathi is called as Padagiri which has a height of 1572 m and is also known as Nellikotta. The view of the valley from a hill named Seethakundu here is amazing. It is possible to view almost half of the Palakkad district from the top. There are many big and small waterfalls here out of which a waterfall that is around 100 m height is the most attractive one. On the way through the Ghat one has to pass through at least 10 hairpin bends.

Tourists come here mainly for trekking. An attraction for the tourists while on their trip to Nelliyampathi is the orange plantations which is one of the major crops here. There is a reservoir called Pothundi reservoir down the valley which is built across the Meenchady puzha and Padippuzha.

How To Reach

District Palakkad
Near Bus Station Nelliyampathy bus station
Near Railway Station Palakkad railway station at a distance of 55 kms
Near Airport Coimbatore International Airport