Digi Locker Android Application Secures Documents To A Single Portal

Every Indian citizen is provided with necessary legal documents issued by the Government of India for various purposes some of which includes Adhaar card, Passports, Driving License, vehicle registration details, certificates etc. It is difficult to carry all these papers wherever you go. We might not be carrying these documents when it is required before the authority at any instant of time. Example, when a situation arises where you are caught by traffic police and are required to produce your driving license or vehicle registration details. Mostly people forget to carry these in their vehicle. It is when the Digilocker comes in handy.

A new Android application has been developed by the India Government called the Digilocker which enables the user to access their personal and all the important documents digitally. These can be easily provided to the required authority in case of any situations. Any Indian citizen can sync their legal documents and the details that you provide should be issued by the Indian government. Millions of users have already downloaded and installed this application from the play store.

This app is a key initiative under Digital India, the government of India’s flagship programs which aims at transforming India into a digitally empowered society. This app has been developed with the idea of developing an economy with e-governance. The Digilocker has all the best features and provides various facilities and has already become a favorite app of the users.  In order to know all the features implemented in this application you can just download and install this application and go through the instructions given in it. The developers have developed an iOS version also for the iphone users. The Digilocker is the new platform for issuance and verification of the documents and certificates digitally leading to the elimination of paper documents.

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