Tourist Destinations Alappuzha

Alappuzha district has great natural beauty and is well known for its backwaters, beaches and boat race. A village here called as Kuttanad is popularly called as Rice Bowl of Kerala and has vast spread of paddy fields. The main backwaters in Alappuzha are Vembanad lake, Kuttanad backwaters etc and a boat cruise through these backwaters is really a memorable experience. Tourists are attracted to the houseboats and make sure that they spend atleast a day in a houseboat. Another attraction in the backwaters is the annual boat races which includes Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Payippad Jalotsavam and Champakulam Moolam Boat Race. Some other places of interest in Alappuzha are beaches such as Alappuzha beach and Marari beach, Punnapra, Pathiramanl island etc. The main attractions in Alappuzha are given below

Alappuzha Backwaters

Alappuzha backwater is a famous tourist destination that attracts numerous tourists and a large number of tourists visit here yearly. People come here mainly to enjoy the beauty of the nature by taking a cruise in the backwaters. A tour through the backwaters of Alappuzha will be a memorable one as it enables one to experience the nature at its best. People also come here to watch the boat race.

Kuttanad Backwaters

Kuttanad is a place that lies in between the hills and the sea. It has a long stretch of waterways consisting of rivers, lakes, canals etc and is considered as the heartland of backwater tourism. This place is called as the rice bowl of Kerala. This is because of the cultivation of the paddy crop in large quantities and is the main source of boiled rice. The paddy fields border the backwaters.

Vembanad Kayal

Vembanad Kayal is the largest lake in Kerala and is the longest lake in India. In the olden times it was used mainly for transportation, agriculture and farming. Today, it has become a major tourist attraction and is visited by tourists from all over the world. One of the things that attracted the tourists to this place is the backwater cruise in houseboats.

Alappuzha Beach

The Alappuzha beach which is also called as Alleppey beach lies in between the Arabian Sea and the Punnamada backwaters. The Alappuzha beach is an attractive one and was a busiest coast of south India in the earlier times. It is a beautiful beach with scarlet sunsets with silver sands and palm trees.

Marari Beach

Marari Beach is in Alappuzha district of Kerala at a distance of 11 kms from the town. It is also called as Mararikulam, in fact the name Marari is the short form of Mararikulam. Some of the activities carried out from the beach include taking a cruise in the backwaters, visiting coir making industries etc. Water sport activities that can be played from here are surfing, para sailing, playing beach volleyball etc.

Pathiramanal Island

Pathiramanal is an island that is situated in the border of Kottayam and Alappuzha districts. The word meaning of ‘Pathiramanal’ is ‘Sands of Night’. The total area of this island is estimated to be around 20 hectares. Until the early seventies, this island was under private ownership and later it came under the control of the government. At present it is a major tourist destination and is not inhabited by any.

Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace is situated in Alappuzha district. It is considered as a protected monument by the Archaeological department. It was constructed in the 18th century during the period of Martanda Varma. This palace is famous for its architecture and wall paintings.


Punnapra is a small village in Alappuzha which has got great significance in the history. It is at this location that there were fights between the communists and Travancore State Police during the Punnapra Vayalar Communist uprising of 1946.

Boat Race

A major attraction at the backwaters here is the annual boat race festivals. The boat races are conducted during the festival season. Some of the major boat races conducted here include Nehru Trophy Boat Race held on 2nd Saturday of August, Payippad Jalotsavam held on the 4th day of Onam and Champakulam Moolam Boat Race conducted in July.