Education Kollam

In Kollam the educational facilities provided are of good standard. The literacy rate of Kollam district is 93.77 %. There are many schools which are state-owned as well as privately owned. The schools come under both Malayalam medium and English medium. The infrastructure includes 473 LP schools, 213 UP schools, 2 junior technical schools, 211 High schools, 18 Arts & Science colleges, 8 Teachers training centers, 30 ITIs and ITCs, 3 Polytechnic, 13 Engineering colleges and 3 Medical College. Almost all the colleges are under private sector except a junior college. Besides, there is also a Fisheries school.

One of the regional centers of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit is in Panmana in Kollam. There are about 128 schools under the control of the Higher education of the State Government. There is a private school in Kollam named St. Joseph’s convent school which has the maximum number of students in the world with more than 12,000 students.

List of Schools and Colleges in Kollam district

Technical School 2
LP School 473
UP School 213
Higher Secondary / High School 211
Vocational Higher Sec School 51
Engineering College 13
Polytechnics 3
Medical College 3
Dental College 2
Ayurvedic College 2
Nursing College 3
Arts & Science College 18
Training College (B Ed) 8
Training College (TTC) 2
ITI & ITC 30