Culture Kozhikode

The main art form of Kerala called the Kalaripayattu is connected with Kozhikode district as it is popularly called as the Home of Kalaripayattu. Even though this martial art is for self defense it is considered as a cultural legacy of the Keralites. The training of Kalaripayattu also includes the study of Ayurveda and Kalarichikitsa which are body healing and treatment methods. Kozhikode has also made many contributions in the field of language and literature.

Kozhikode is famous for the manufacture of Uru which is a ship built by creative craftsmen. A main part of the culture of Kozhikode is the fairs and festivals conducted here. There are many temple festivals held here and as part of these festivals, art forms such as Koothu, Kathakali, Ottanthullal etc are performed. Besides there are some temple ritual dances called as the Theyyam or Thira.

Kozhikode is famous for the folk songs called as Vadakkan Pattukal the famous of which is the song sung in praise of Thacholi Othenan. The Muslim community has their own art forms such as singing Mappila Pattu and the folk dance form called Oppana. The songs are composed in both Arabic and Malayalam.