Education Palakkad

The literacy rate in Palakkad district is 88.49%. Of the Taluks in Palakkad district, Palakkad taluk has the highest literacy rate while Mannarkad taluk has the lowest. Palakkad district has 2 Educational districts namely Palakkad and Ottapalam. They are further divided into 12 Educational sub districts. Thrithala, Pattambi, Shornur, Ottapalam and Cherpulassery come under Ottapalam Educational District while Mannarkkad, Parli, Palakkad, Alathur, Chittur, Koyalmannam and Agali comes under Palakkad Educational district. When the system of DPEP was first implemented in Kerala, Palakkad district was one among the 8 districts where this system was implemented. Later in 2002, the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan was launched.

In Palakkad there is a DIET that is functioning in Anakkara. They take measures for uplifting the quality of education and teaching. In order to improve the teaching practices in school a scheme that was started was called as ‘Harisree’. They distribute learning materials for the students as well as teachers.

There are many schools and colleges in Palakkad both run by the Government and private sector. A famous college here is the Government Victoria College that was established in the year 1866. Several great personalities completed their studies from here who includes E.M.S.Namboothiripad, M.T.Vasudevan Nair, O.V.Vijayan and many others. The colleges in Palakkad provide courses in various fields which include Arts and Science, Commerce etc. There are Engineering colleges, Teacher training schools, etc. A musical college is in Palakkad called the Chembai Memorial Music College.

List of Schools and Colleges in Palakkad district

Technical School 3
LP School 546
UP School 236
High School 152
Higher Secondary School 55
Vocational Higher Sec School 24
Engineering College 8
Polytechnics 2
Medical College 2
Dental College 1
Ayurvedic College 3
Nursing College 1
Music College 1
Arts & Science College 25
Training College (B Ed) 2
Teachers Training School 7
ITI & ITC 15