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This is a very good idea, because Malayalam is the best way to know and enjoy the beautiful state of Kerala, its people, traditions, and culture.


I : Nyaan
He : Avan
She : Aval
You : Nee/ningal(to show politeness and also as  plural)/
  tangal(most polite)
It : Itu/atu
This : Itu
That : Atu
A : Oru
Yes : Ate, aanu
Come : Varu/varuka (to come)
Came : Vannu
Will come : Varum
Open : Turakku/turakkuka (to open)
Opened : Turannu
Will open : Turakkum
Sit : Irikku/irikkuka (to sit)
Sat : Irunnu
Will sit : Irikkum
Walk : Nadakkuka (to walk)
Walked : Nadannu
Will walk : Nadakkum
Eat : Kazhikkuka/tinnuka
Ate : Kazhichu/tinnu
Will eat : Kazhikkum/tinnum
Drink : Kudikkuka (to drink)
Drank : Kudichu
Will drink : Kudikkum
Win : Jayikkuka (to win)
Won : Jayichu
Will win : Jayikkum
Go : Poku/pokuka (to go)
Went : Poyi
Will go : Pokum
Run : Oduka (to run)
Ran : Odi
Will run : Odum
I go : Nyan pokunnu
He goes : Avan pokunnu
He eats an apple : Avan oru apple tinnunnu
He is eating an apple : Avan oru apple tinnu-kondirikkuka-yaanu
He ate an apple : Avan oru apple tinnu
I saw the film last week : Nyaan kazhinya aazhcha film kandu
She came by bus yesterday : Aval innale basil vannu (importance for‘came’)/
  Aval innale basilaanu vannathu (importance for bus)
They went to the temple : Avar ambalattil poyi
They went to the church : Avar palliyil poyi
They came from the mosque : Avar palliyil ninnu vannu
He slept the whole night : Avan raatri muzhuvan urangi
He wrote well in the examination : Avan pareeksha nannaai ezhuti
He has eaten : Avan kazhichittundu/tinnittundu
He will eat : Avan kazhikkum/tinnum
He will go : Avan pokum
He will come : Avan varum
What is your name? : Ninte perentaanu?
What : Entu
Is : Aanu/aakunnu
Your : Ninte/ningalude
Name : Peru
What did you do? : Nee /ningal entaanu cheytatu?
What should I do? : Nyan entu cheyyanam?
What can I do? : Enikku entu cheyyan kazhiyum?
What are the questions? : Entokkeyaanu chodyangal?
What were the questions? : Entokkeyaayirunnu chodyangal?
What is the last question? : Entaanu avasaanatte chodyam?
What is written in the letter? : Entaanu kattil ezhuti-yirikkunna-thu?
What you had been told? : Entaanu ninnodu paranyirunnatu?
What will be the answer? : Entaayirikkum uttaram?
Why did you come? : Entinaanu nee/ningal vannatu?
Why did you sleep? : Entu kondaanu nee/ningal urangiyatu?
Why did you tell him to go? : Entu kondaanu nee/ningal avanodu pokaan paranyatu?
Why did he bring the bag? : Entinaanu avan bag konduvannatu?
Why did she pay the money? : Entinaanu aval panam koduttatu?
Why did they sit there? : Entu-kondaanu avar avide irunnatu?
Why do you drive the car?   Entinaanu ningal car odikkunnathu?