The people of Kerala have a different cosmopolitan outlook, which can be understood from their tolerance towards the people belonging to various race and religions. So Kerala is popularly called as “God’s Own Country.”

Since Malayalam is the language spoken by the people in Kerala, they are popularly called as “Malayalees”. The people here are well educated and maintain a good status in the society. The first state to have the literacy rate close to 100 percent is Kerala. Even though Malayalam is the official language of Kerala, English also is widely spoken by many and is taught in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Malayalam has 56 alphabets and therefore it is considered to be a complete language. There are also many vowels, which forms each word and accent to make the words easily pronounceable to malayalees.

Like in the other South Indian states, majority of the people in Kerala are also Dravidian. The principle religion in this state is Hinduism together with the Muslims and Christians.

The literacy rate in Kerala is hundred percent and so the people here are well aware of health and health care. The child mortality rate in Kerala is lowest when compared to the other Indian states.

The women enjoy high social status because of the historical matrilineal system in which the property and other things are transferred to females. Women are given higher education and  good job opportunities which have further strengthened the women’s status in society.