Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

mangalavanamMangalavanam is located in Kochi in Ernakulam district. It lies behind the High Court building. This sanctuary is famous for its mangrove trees and also for the communally breeding birds. It is popularly called as the ‘Green Lung of Kerala’ due to the presence of the green vegetation which includes the mangrove trees. It was declared as a protected area in the year 2004. Some other vegetation includes the Eucalyptus, Teak etc. Earlier timber exportation was carried out, but is not being done at present. This sanctuary is bordered by the Arabian Sea and the backwaters which makes it more attractive.

There are a large variety of migratory and local birds here. As per records there are about 41 species of birds belonging to 25 families. Some of the birds found here include the Cormorant, black crowned night heron etc. The house crow is a dangerous bird here as they eat the eggs of other birds. The staffs are appointed regularly in order to take good care of the birds. This sanctuary is under the administration of the Wildlife Warden of Peechi – Vazhani wildlife sanctuary.

How to Reach
District : Ernakulam
Nearest Bus Station : Ernakulam bus station
Nearest Railway Station : Ernakulam railway station
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport