Disposable Pen Drive

Most of you must have faced a situation where you have to give your own pen drive to someone to copy some files in case of urgency. You might not be sure whether you get your pen drive back or not. Here comes a new pen drive which could be used in such cases. It is a disposable tear and share pen drive named GIGS.2.


This pen drive is very handy as all the 4 sticks together has the size of an ATM card. This is designed by a Product Design Studio named Bolt Group. Each pen drive has a capacity of 1 GB. This pen drive kit is made of recycled molded paper pulp and it can be reused as well. Whenever necessary, tear a pen drive from this kit and use them. But this pen drive has not been produced commercially and is expected to be produced soon.GO, a pack of 4 tear off sticks with a USB flash drive in each.

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