Basic information

Head quarters

3550 sq km

Hindu, Muslim, Christian


Population Density
1021 persons/sq km


Came into existence
June 16, 1969

Eranad, Perinthalmanna, Tirur, Ponnani, Nilambur and Tirurangadi

Revenue Division
Perinthalmanna and Tirur

Tourist attractions
Kottakal, Nilambur, Paloor, Thirunavaya, Ponnani etc

60 m above sea level

Telephone code

malappuram Malappuram is a district of Kerala that has a large wildlife collection. The district is covered with hills, forests, backwaters, fields, rivers etc. Malappuram district is surrounded by Palakkad district in the East, Thrissur district in the South, Arabian Sea in the West, Kozhikode district in the North West, Wynad district in the North and Tamil Nadu state in the North East. Malappuram area was earlier called as Eranad or Valluvanad. Later when the district was formed it came to be called as Malappuram which means the land on hill top.

Malappuram has both cultural and political heritage. Some of the main places in Malappuram include Thirunavaya which is the center of vedic learning, Kottakkal which is the center of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Ponnani which is the center of Muslim education etc. Malappuram district is being developed mainly due to the Kerala Gulf Diaspora.

Some of the main rivers that flow through Malappuram include Bharathapuzha, Chaliyar River, Kadalundi River and Tirur River. There are some backwaters also in Malappuram. Malappuram is connected well by roadways. There is an International Airport here at Karippur. There are two railway lines through this district one through the coastal area and the other through the eastern side of the district.

Malappuram has made great contributions in the field of art and culture. One of the great Malayalam writers who hail from this district is Thunchath Ezhuthachan who is regarded as the Father of Modern Literature. There are many educational institutions here. The Calicut University is situated in this district. Malappuram district is the first to achieve fully e-literacy in India.

Malappuram is the district with the majority community as Muslims. The Muslims here are called as Mappilas. The other religious communities present here are Hindus and Christians. There are numerous temples, mosques and churches which include Thirumandham Kunnu Temple, Pazhayangadi mosque, Puthenpalli etc. The festivals conducted in the temples, mosques and churches are attracted by many devotees. Some of the fairs and festivals include Kottakkal Pooram, Nilambur Pattu, Kondotty Nercha, Puthenpalli Nercha, Omanur Nercha etc.

The industries in Malappuram include agro based and textile based. Wood related business is the type which is most commonly seen here. Fishing and animal breeding is also done form here. Some places in Malappuram attract the tourists which includes Nilambur teak museum, Adyan para, Kottakkal Aryavaidya Sala, Ponnani, Thirunavaya etc.

How to get there

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456