Tourist Destinations Malappuram

Malappuram district has a rich natural beauty together with a historic past that attracts a large crowd. Another thing that gives value to Malappuram district is its rich cultural heritage and ritual art forms. Numerous temples and mosques in this district are very well known and they have their own spectacular fair and festivals. The Malappuram district has a fairly long stretch of coastal line and so there are some beautiful beaches also. The main beaches here are Padinjarekkara beach, Tanur beach and Vallikunnu beach. A place in Malappuram called Nilambur is famous for its teak plantations and there is also a variety museum here called the Teak museum which is the first of its kind in the world. There is a world famous Ayurvedic treatment center in Malappuram at Kottakkal called the Kottakkal Aryavaidya Sala. Some other important places of interest in Malappuram district are given below

Padinjarekkara Beach

Padinjarekara beach is situated near Ponnani in Malappuram district. This beach is a confluence of the Bharathapuzha, Tirur River and the Arabian Sea. So it is quite famous. Tourists are attracted towards this beach due to its beauty.

Tanur Beach

Tanur beach is situated in Malappuram district. This beach like other beaches is very beautiful and attracts a large crowd. The fishing town of Tanur lies near to this beach. Tanur beach has got historical significance as it had witnessed some of the old Portuguese settlements in India.

Vallikunnu Beach

Vallikunnu beach lies in Malappuram district. It is a very beautiful beach which is covered by coconut trees. The sports activities which the tourists can get engaged include playing volleyball and swimming. Near to this beach lies the Kadalundi bird sanctuary.

Teak Museum

Teak Museum is situated in Malappuram district. This is the world’s first teak museum and was established in the year 1995. This is controlled by the Kerala Forest Research Institute. Information regarding the usage of teak wood and other articles is exhibited here. It is a two storied building set up on the campus of Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI). Lot of information about the teak tree attracts a huge crowd to this museum.

Adyanpara Waterfalls

Adyanpara waterfalls are located in Nilambur in Malappuram district. The place is well connected by roadways. This waterfall has a height of around 300 feet. The waterfalls originate from the streams in the forests and never get dried up even during summer season.


Kottakkal is a main center of Ayurveda. There is an Arya Vaidya Sala here where ayurvedic treatments are done. People from all parts of the world come here for treatment. In this Arya Vaidya Sala annual seminars about ayurveda are held and people from outside India also attend this.

Biyyam Kayal

Biyyam Kayal is a waterway that is located near Ponnani. During Onam festival annual boat races are conducted and women rowers also participate in this race. People from faraway places come to view this boat race. There are also some water sports facilities established by the District Tourism Promotion Council. Soon this is going to be a tourist center.


Kodikuthimala is a very beautiful hilltop near Perinthalmanna. The panoramic view of the surroundings from the hilltop is very attractive. There are plans put forward to develop this place into a major tourist center.

Thunchan Memorial

The birth place of Thunchathu Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam Language is at Tirur. In Thunchan Memorial, people come on Vijayadashami day to perform the Vidyarambham ceremony for their children.