Education Malappuram

Malappuram district had made great improvements in the field of education during the last decade. The literacy rate in Malappuram is 93.55%. There were improvements in female education also. Malappuram has 3 educational districts namely Wandoor, Malappuram and Tirur. These Educational districts are further divided into Educational sub districts. Wandoor Educational district is divided into Wandoor, Nilambur, Areacode and Melattur Educational sub districts. Malappuram Educational district is divided into Malappuram, Mankada, Perinthalmanna, Manjeri, Kondoty and Kizhisseri sub districts. Tirur Educational district is divided into Tirur, Kuttippuram, Ponnani, Parappanagadi, Vengara, Edappal and Tanur Educational sub districts.

A scheme that is implemented here is the District Primary Education Programme which aims of introducing new and modern teaching principles. In order to support academic functions, DIET has been started functioning in Malappuram. This as a district level academic institution has made great contributions for improving the quality of elementary education in Malappuram district. They have also achieved a prominent position in the field of education, research, support etc.

The Calicut University is located in Thenjipalam in Malappuram district and it was established in the year 1968. There are 110 colleges that are affiliated to this university which includes 6 Engineering Colleges, 2 Medical colleges, 3 Law colleges, B.Ed. colleges etc. These educational institutions are spread across the 5 districts from Thrissur to Wayanad. One of the regional centers of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit is also in Tirur in Malappuram district.

List of Schools and Colleges in Malappuram district

Technical School 4
LP School 852
UP School 337
Higher S E / High School / VHSE 162
Engineering College 6
Polytechnics 8
Medical College 1
Dental College 3
Ayurvedic College 1
Nursing College 4
Arts & Science College 33
Training College (B Ed) 1
Training College (TTC) 5
Agriculture College 1