Google Street View at Galapagos Island

Google has announced that the Street View has covered the Galapagos which is one of the most naturally diverse locations on Earth. It is a volcanic Island located around 500 miles off the Ecuador coast and is inhabited by some fantastic creatures that have inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Street View technology is an amazing tool which is used mainly by travel lovers. This is integrated with Google map and one can take a virtual tour to different places in the world.

Google Street View users will soon be able to dive into the waters of the Galapagos, navigate through its most remote landscape and view the creatures in this island. World’s largest living tortoises are found in this island and users can watch them through the Street View. Since it is an island there are numerous creatures deep in the water and so they have been also bought in the Street View.

Hikers sent by Google have spent 10 days capturing panoramic images using 42 pound, backpack orb cameras and underwater equipments. The Street View cameras are called as Trekker which has 15 lenses and are controlled by an Android device. The images captured by the camera every 2.5 seconds are then combined to get a panoramic image. The team visited almost 10 unique locations in the island including beaches, forests, under the ocean, crater of an active volcano etc.

This will be posted in the Street View by the end of this year. This project is meant for both virtual travel adventure as well as science in order to study the environment and the changes in them. These scientific studies would be conducted by the Charles Darwin Foundation, The Catlin Seaview Survey and the Galapagos National Parks Directorate.


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