akshaya-ekendraAkshaya is a project which was implemented in Kerala with the aim of addressing the various ICT issues. Akshaya centres have been established at various places. Akshaya was originally started for addressing the backwardness of the Malappuram district. The Kerala State Information Technology Mission has considered Akshaya as an ICT project for providing the benefits of this technology to the whole state. For this they have established many ICT centres at Municipal and Panchayat wards.

At present Akshaya plays a very important role for the rural empowerment and economic development. This project helps in creating great economic growth and providing lots of employment opportunities in the state. They have also focused on certain factors like e-learning, e-transaction, e- governance etc. Hence, this project has a great impact on the social, economic and political view of the State.

There are three phases for the operations of Akshaya. The first phase includes making the people aware of the basic skills in computer and also to make them familiar with the Internet and other computer operations. This phase is the e-literary training phase. In this phase, apart from basic training they also provide detailed knowledge about using the Internet also. The second phase of the project is when it started to provide all sorts of services to the people. It brought an improvement in the life of the people through e-pay, e-filing etc. They are capable of making large number of transactions together with providing multiple services through its centres. In the third phase, Akshaya became a platform for providing ICT related education to the people. Various e-learning programmes are introduced in various Akshaya centres.