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itschool[email protected] project comes under the Directorate of Public Instruction of the Kerala Government. It is responsible for providing ICT enabled education to about 1.6 million students per year in Kerala. It has changed the traditional way of classroom teaching to the usage of Information technology for studies thereby improving the quality of the learning system. The teachers were given training on IT skills at first. It helps to increase the intellectual productivity of teacher as well as the curricular comprehension of the students. A huge number of teachers and students are empowered in ICT through a network of numerous Master Trainers and IT Co-ordinators.

[email protected] is the main agency for implementing EDUSAT network and runs a special platform for education called ‘ViCTERS’ ( Virtual Classroom Technology on Edusat for Rural Schools) programme which is a 120 crore project of our government. The project has now combined with BSNL in order to provide Internet broad band connectivity to all the schools of Kerala. The project has improved the method of learning and this can be seen from the introduction of necessary IT infrastructure to all schools including computers and other accessories.