Outlook Traveller Kerala With Lakshadweep 2nd Edition


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Outlook Traveller Kerala With Lakshadweep is a comprehensive travel guide from Outlook Traveller. It is a complete guide to interesting tourist spots in Kerala and Lakshadweep.

Summary Of The Book

Outlook Traveller magazine brings out guidebooks to many parts of the country. India is a vast land as varied in customs and traditions as in topography.

Even to Indians, traveling through the country can be a challenge because of this. So, these travel guides are helpful for anyone who wishes to visit other parts of the country, Indians as well as foreign tourists. Outlook Traveller Kerala With Lakshadweep is part of a series of guidebooks about different parts of the country.

This book contains a huge amount of helpful information about the state of Kerala and the lovely Lakshadweep archipelago. It provides information on the many varied attractions these places have to offer to the tourist or to the pilgrim. It also describes the culture and customs of the people.

Kerala is a beautiful place that offers different experiences to the different types of tourists. There are serene backwaters, lovely stretches of beaches, and enchanting hill stations. The state also has many wildlife sanctuaries and forest reserves. The book covers the cities of Kochi, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. It also covers sacred places and pilgrimage destinations for people of various faiths. The book also provides details on the Ayurvedic traditions, the martial arts and the dances of Kerala.

The book contains special essays that provide the readers further insights into the character and traditions of the Malayalees, and their sense of humour. It also profiles some famous people from the state like the singer K. J. Yesudas and the athlete P. T. Usha.

Outlook Traveller Kerala With Lakshadweep also contains a section that describes the enchanting islands of the Lakshadweep Archipelago, and the interesting tourist spots on these islands. Lakshadweep, a cluster of tiny islands, lies a little to the west of the Indian mainland, and contains many attractive destinations. These islands also share a cultural link with Kerala. A majority of the people in these islands speak Malayalam.

The book includes a special section at the end that contains details of great use to tourists. It provides information on places to stay, contact numbers for useful services, a listing of travel agents and tourist offices.

About Vinod Mehta

Vinod Mehta is an Indian journalist and author.

His other books include Lucknow Boy: A Memoir, Meena Kumari, Russia in Transition: Journey from Socialist Prospect to Capitalist Boulevard, and The Sanjay Story.

Vinod Mehta was born in Pakistan, but his parents moved to India when he was three years old. After graduation, he tried his hand at various jobs. He then became the editor of the glamour magazine Debonair and made it a success. He has since then worked with various publications. Till recently, Vinod Mehta was the editor-in-chief of Outlook magazine.


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