Run Android Apps on PC

Google has launched a new tool that enables the Android App to run on any device that uses Chrome browser. The tool which is in the Beta version is called App Runtime for Chrome or the ARC Welder which makes possible to run the Android applications in Windows, MAC, Linux and Chrome OS machines. As of now it doesn’t include all the Play services making it difficult for some apps to run properly.  


Requirements to run an Android App on your computer are

  • An Android App of your choice (APKs).
  • PC, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook on Chrome Version 41+.
  • The ARC Welder app. (Download the ARC Welder app from the link : ) 

First select an APK of your choice from Google Play. Install the ARC Welder in Chrome browser.


When you open the ARC Welder, the first thing to do is to Add APK.


After APK file of the android app is attached from your computer, some options like Screen Size and Orientation have to be checked. It is advised to use Tablet or Maximized options for Form Factor and Landscape for Orientation.


Then click the Launch App to test. This lets you to run one Android app at a time.

Since it doesn’t include all Google Play Services, some apps don’t work even though some run well.

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