Thangasseri Beach

thangassery-beachThangasseri beach is situated in Kollam district. It is a very beautiful beach with white sand and palm trees bordering the beach. The beach has a length of 3 kms. Thangasseri beach which is a part of the Thangasseri town was a small Portuguese colony which then became a Dutch colony and finally came under the control of the British. Some of the attractions of this town include the churches built in the 18th century, light house and a fort. The light house was built mainly to guide the fishermen and other sailors who get lost in the sea. It also warns the sailors about the reefs in the coastal areas. It has a height of about 144 feet and the public are allowed to visit this in the evening.

The tourist can also be engaged in some of the sport activities which include scuba diving, catamaran riding, para sailing, fishing etc. There are many local vendors on the shore from whom you can get beautiful handmade articles.

How To Reach

District Kollam
Near Bus Station Kollam bus station
Near Railway Station Kollam railway station at a distance of 5 kms
Near Airport Thiruvananthapuram International Airport at a distance of 71 kms