Vizhinjam Beach

vizhinjam-beachVizhinjam beach is located in Thiruvananthapuram district. One of the main attractions of this beach is the rock cut temples that is built in 8th century.  This temple has carvings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi which is not completed. This is a fishing village and is a beautiful sight to see the fishermen engaging in various fishing methods, repairing their nets etc. There is also a natural port here. Plans have been proposed to set up an International Container Port at this place. In the older times, this was considered as a commercial center for the Europeans and other foreign countries that came for trade to India.

How To Reach

District Thiruvananthapuram
Near Bus Station Vizhinjam bus station
Near Railway Station Thiruvananthapuram railway station at a distance of 16 kms
Near Airport Thiruvananthapuram International Airport at a distance of 12 kms