Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin Harbor

chinese-fishing-netsChinese fishing nets are seen in Kochi in Ernakulam district. The Chinese finishing nets which has its origin in China was introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He. It was set up between 1350 and 1450. These Chinese nets are seen mostly in the Cochin beaches and harbor. They have become the landmark of Cochin. They are seen in areas such as Vasco da Gama square in Fort Kochi, Bastion Bungalow, Santa Cruz Basilica etc. Other than China, Kochi is the only place with these fishing nets.

These fishing nets are locally called as Cheenavala. These nets are set up on bamboo or teak poles and are suspended horizontally above the sea. They are fixed on land and the functioning also takes place from the shore. The huge nets are counter weighted by large stones. The nets cover an area of around 20 meters and are 10 meters high. The way of using Chinese fishing nets is different from the ordinary fishing nets. While fishing, the nets are submerged in water for some time and then it is raised slowly by around 6 fishermen.

The Chinese fishing nets in Cochin are also a major tourist attraction. The view of the fishing net with the sunset at the background is a scenic beauty. The area from Vypeen to Fort Kochi has Chinese nets.

How To Reach

District Ernakulam
Near Bus Station Fort Kochi Bus terminal
Near Railway Station Ernakulam railway station at a distance of 6 kms
Near Airport Cochin International Airport