Ayurvedic Treatments

ayurvedic-treatmentAccording to ayurveda, a disease occurs as an imbalance to the dosha system. So a diagnosis has to be done to check which dosha have increased or decreased in the body. In order to determine the parts of the body that is affected properly, the physician might take days to diagnose. The physician diagnoses a disease by asking several questions to the patient about his physical and mental condition. He also observe the various parts of the body like pulse, tongue, face, lips, eyes, fingernails etc. in search of any abnormalities or any symptoms which indicates a problem in the system. Some physicians also depend on laboratory tests for determining the disease properly.

Ayurvedic treatment emphasizes on removing the diseases form the root level and to provide a permanent relief to the person. The management of diseases is classified in 4 ways. They are shodan or the cleansing, shaman or palliation, rasayana or rejuvenation and satvajaya or the mental hygiene. The medicines used in the treatment are in the form of tablets, decoctions, medicated oils etc which are prepared from herbs and minerals. These do not produce any side effects and instead helps to attain some extra side benefits.

Together with the food, it is necessary to take a proper diet and regular exercise. These are also very important because if we consume a food that tends to increase the cause of a disease for which we are seeking treatment, then we may not get well or get only less relief. Panchakarma and yoga are also practiced for better health and for preventing the diseases.


The body has to be prepared for purification by letting the toxins to expel from the body. There are two methods for this, namely the snehan and the swedan. Snehan is nothing but oil massage where the body is applied with oil and is massaged in a particular manner to expel the toxins out of the body. The tissues become soft as a result of this oil massage. This treatment is done daily for a week or as required. Swedan is the sweating and is given soon after the snehan. Some herbs are added to the steam to further remove any toxins. Swedan does this by liquefying the toxins and expelling it out. The toxins are expelled by moving them to the gastro intestinal tract. After performing the snehan and swedan the doshas ripens. Then a panchakarma treatment is given to the patient as per constitution.


A patient is asked to lay on a Dharapathi which is a massaging table. Cloth dipped in slightly warm medicated oil is squeezed and applied on the body. The oil is rubbed all over the patient’s body by uniformly pressing the cloth and by massaging with hand. This type of treatment extends up to 14 days and depending upon the requirement it may last even longer. Each day fresh medicated oil is prepared and used. This treatment is mainly done for those who have joint pains, dislocated joints, stiffness etc. Those who are paralyzed and pregnant women having uterine inertia also take this treatment. Some healthy person’s carry out this treatment for rejuvenation and in turn to maintain their health.


This is a muscle massage done with oil to relax the body. It helps to tone the muscles by regulating the flow of energy and improving the blood circulation.


This is also a type of massaging the body. In this a small linen bag is filled with Navara and medicated oil and is massaged using this bag. This treatment is done after or before the pizhichil as per required. This is beneficial for arthritis, tremors, weakness, toning of muscles etc. Healthy person can prevent any disease if they perform this treatment.


This treatment is done for any diseases related to nervous system, controlling emotional problems like anxiety, depression etc. They can be also carried out for ear, nose, and throat problems and also for reducing pain. The word sirodhara is derived from 2 words namely Sira meaning head and Dhara meaning flow. This treatment involves continuous flow of oils through the head. Hence it is named so. The other medicines that are allowed to flow through the forehead include medicated oil, cow’s milk, butter milk etc. This is done on the head for stimulating the brain thereby helping to balance the emotions etc.


This is another type of oil massage in which special massaging strokes are given to the patient daily for about 45 minutes. This treatment lasts for around 2 weeks and is good for reducing obesity, diabetic gangrene etc.


This treatment involves putting medicated oil over the lower back with a boundary made of herbal paste and lasts for around 1 hour. This is good for back pains, spinal problems etc.


This treatment involves putting warm medicated oil over the chest for around 45 minutes. This is good for treating asthma, heart disease, chest problems etc.


This treatment is done using medicated cow’s milk. This is good for facial paralysis, speech problems, nerve disorders etc.