Communication plays a very important role in the development of a nation. One of the common characteristics of all animals and human beings is the communication of ideas. Earlier people communicated with each other by making simple sounds and also through gestures. This was then replaced with the use of complex languages. With the introduction and usage of languages, ideas could be expressed in a better way and this resulted in better communication. At present, we use various means for communication. In Kerala, communication is not a major problem as it is possible to find all the newest modes of communication available in our state. The various communication facilities available in Kerala include Postal communication, Telephone, Newspapers and periodicals, Radio and television, Internet etc.

communication-1Postal communication

India has the largest postal network in the world. In our country there are about 1.5 lakhs post offices out of which around there are more than 5000 post offices in the state of Kerala. The head Post Offices as well as the Departmental sub post offices are computerized. The Kerala postal circle is responsible for providing the postal needs of not only the whole of Kerala but also Lakshadweep and Mahe. Even remote villages have postal facilities available. Some of the services that are provided by the Kerala Postal Circle include Speed Post, Logistic Post, Direct Post, Business Post, e-payment, Money transfer and many other services.

Speed post was started in 1986 with the aim of providing time bound and speedy delivery of letters and other parcels to anywhere in the world. They also provide money back guarantee where in case of the letter being not delivered, the speed post fee will be refunded. Logistic Post will look into all the processes that are required for the distribution of the logistic infrastructure. This includes collection, storage, prepare orders, distribution etc. Direct post is referred as an advertisement of any business organization which is in the form of a printed material having their message. Direct post includes unaddressed postal items such as letters, cards, promotional items, samples, brochures etc. This method of direct advertising is beneficial for the organization for their growth. E-payments is the bill payment method where the organizations get the bill paid such as telephone bills, school fees etc. through on-line post office network. Money transfer is another facility provided by the Postal circle for one to receive money from their friends or relatives who are abroad with a short duration. This is very convenient and a fast means of transferring the money. With the help of this, you can receive money from friends or relatives abroad within a short time.


India is the country to have the largest telephone network in Asia. One of the most important and dominant telephone service providers in India is a public sector company called Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). Kerala telecom circle is a part BSNL. In Kerala we have telephone facilities all over the state. Telecom services at remote villages are also available currently. The growth of telecommunication in Kerala is at a very fast pace and is very impressive. The telephone exchanges in our state are fully automated and all these exchanges are linked with STD facility. Kerala is the first state to provide public telephones in all the villages. They have also started providing Internet services. Now, there is a trend to use mobile phones with their introduction in the society. They have made a great change in the communication sector. Mobile phone services are provided by various private sectors apart from BSNL.

Newspapers and periodicals

News papers and periodicals exist in our country long before independence. There are a large number of newspapers and journals published.It is one of the most preferred news media by the people. In Kerala we mainly find newspapers and journals published in Malayalam and English. It is sure that majority of Keralites subscribe to at least any one newspaper in their homes. The habit of reading newspapers in Kerala is widespread.

Radio and television

Radio and television is a very popular media which can be used to provide news and information to the people instantly. Hence, these are referred as popular news media. Earlier the main service providers for radio broadcasting were the All India Radio and for television was the Doordarshan. These are under public sector but at present, we have several private sectors also providing radio and television services. For radio we have numerous FM radio channels and the same is the case with television where there are many private channels being telecasted. There are around 15 private television channels in Malayalam language alone.


communication-2The latest and the fastest means of communication that is available now is the Internet. Keralites have realized the need and importance of this means of communication. People are now aware of the various facilities that it provides and almost all are well versed with Internet. Through Internet we can get news and information instantly, can communicate with any person located at a distant place etc. The facilities provided by the Internet are numerous. It is possible to even read newspapers from Internet with the launching of newspaper websites. One can even view a person seated in any part of the world with the help of a webcam. In Kerala we have Internet cafes at every nook and corner and surfing at these places can be done at minimum cost.