Taxi and Autorickshaw

autorickshawIn Kerala one can travel short distances by taxi or autorickshaw. These two vehicles are readily available in the streets. They have meters attached to it for calculating the charge according to the distance covered. This is considered to be the cheapest and convenient method of transportation. There are auto stands and taxi stands near bus stops and other important places. Some drivers fix the rate before starting the journey while some depend on the meter charges. The government has fixed the fares for autorikshaws and taxis.

In case of autorickshaws, the minimum charge is Rs 10/- for a minimum distance of 1.25 kms. After the minimum distance, Rs 6/- will be taken for each kilometer. In case of taxi, the minimum charge is Rs 50/- for a distance of 3 kms. Rs 7.5/- will be charged for each kilometer after the minimum. There are prepaid auto and taxi services available at certain places such as railway stations and bus stands.

The taxis in our state do not have signs on top which indicates it as a taxi. There may not be a taxi meter also inside the cab. The two types of taxis available are call taxi and regular taxi. Regular taxis are those which are available from the taxi stands near railway stations, bus stands etc. Call taxis are those which are provided by certain agencies depending upon the requirement of the traveler. When a traveler is in need of taxi, he just have to make a call to this agency and they will send the taxi to the place the traveler desires to start their journey from. They do not have a tariff card for the rates. Instead the rates are fixed as decided by their agency.