chandragiri-riverChandragiri River which is in Kasaragod district is the longest river of this district. It has a length of 105 kms. The famous tourist destination spot Chandragiri and the Chandragiri fort is located on the banks of this river. This river originates from Pattimala hills in Kodagu in Karnataka state. It flows through Sulliya where the water from this river is used mainly for domestic and irrigational purposes. From here it flows through Kasaragod and then ends up in Arabian Sea. It is the longest river of Kasaragod district.

A tributary of Chandragiri River is Payaswini. The view of this river is very beautiful with coconut groves on the shore. There is a boat club so the tourists can enjoy boat riding here. The Chandragiri cruise held here is less known to all. There is a bridge constructed over the river.