kuppam-riverKuppam River flows through Thaliparamba in Kannur district. The river flows through a town here called by the same name. Kuppam River originates from the Padinalkadu Ghat forests in Karnataka state and it flows almost parallel to the Valapattanam River. Later it joins with the Valapattanam River from a place called Mattool. It has a length of 82 kms and it finally empties into the Arabian Sea. The main tributaries of this river are Pakkatupuzha, Alakuttathode, Kuttilolpuzha, Mukkuttathodu and Chiriyathode rivers. This river is also known by the name Mattol River.

Earlier people travelled through the Kuppam River in order to travel through the hilly regions of Kannur district. But with the construction of the Kuppam Bridge passenger boats are nowhere to be seen. The Azhikkal minor port is at the mouth of the river.